How Google Search Works?

How Google Search Works?

Google Search Working

You will understand how big the internet is and how much information is produced daily all over the world. How google search engine works and organizes this information? How search algorithms work and how does it produce useful responses?

In this topic, we will discuss how google search actually works? What happens when you search for something on And within second’s Google displays you the results. It’s really an interesting game that google plays, we should know the process behind its working. The process behind its working is the basis for the learning of Search Engine Optimization.

When you do some search on google, google already has millions and thousands of results regarding each search keyword, but how it decides and possible for google to display you the required result. Why is any website is on number 1 and why on number 10? You will understand all of these questions when you understand Google’s algorithms.

To do all this work google has main three parts

  1. Crawling and indexing (how google basically does crawling and indexing?)
  2. Search algorithm (Google’s own algorithms)
  3. Useful responses

You must first need to understand the main parts of Google’s work.

Google Search Algorithms

1-Crawling and indexing:

How search engine organizes Information:

  • By crawling
  • By indexing


Google drops its crawlers on the website. The Crawler starts from anyone’s website and jumps on different websites gradually. The links available on-site to different other sites, in this way crawling all the indexes. The crawler indexes back all the data in Google’s database after crawling all the websites.

For example, you want to visit a website, you open the website and view all the information you require. On that website, you see different links. To move from one website to another website you click on the link and move to the other website.

From the second website, you again click on the link and move towards another website. By continuously clicking on links you jumped different websites. Google also does the same work but Google does not do it on its own. Basically, Google’s algorithms namely crawler use for this purpose.


Google does its indexing on the basis of its algorithms. When you search on Google you do not perform a google search. Google basically crawl the internet and index all the data. When you search for something on Google you search in Google’s database called index. We get relevant data from the indexed websites available on google.

2-Search algorithm:

When your query generates or you search for something on google, google runs its algorithms.

  1. Analyze your words (it is the first algorithm that runs when you search on google). When your query generates or you search for something on google, google runs its algorithms.

For example: if we write the word “CHANGE”, google will analyze its result with every aspect but google will self-correct our words and bring the correct result in front of us. As we write “CHANGE BRIGHTNESS” and google displays the result “Adjust Brightness”. This word is correct because brightness always adjust does not change.

Google Panda

  1. Match your words (you should found you are searching for)

What’s your query? What do you search for? And what are you getting? For example, you search a doctor and you get a website of a restaurant, you need a doctor as a result when you search for a doctor. So what did the query you search and what is the query that is matching? Google looks in its database and shows you the result.

  1. Rank useful page

Google does not have only a single doctor or a restaurant, that’s why Google ranks the best page among millions of pages. Seo starts from here, but when it starts ranking, this ranking has some bases. After ranking when google shows you pages from number 1 to number 10 or rank thousands of pages, it tries to show you the useful pages first.

Another concept generated from usefulness is, how google found a useful page for example: if you search a restaurant and the purpose of your search is you want to go to a restaurant. If someone also searches for a restaurant and the purpose of his search is to open the restaurant, then google will show the result according to them.

3.    Return the best result

When Google shows you result it always tries to show you the best results. Useful responses take many forms: when you search for a location from one place to another it will show you:

  • Answer from the knowledge graph
  • Directions and traffic
  • Direct answers
  • Featured snippets
  • Rich lists
  • Answers before you have to ask

These all the results that Google shows you in different formats and on different occasions.

For example: if I am searching Lahore to Karachi, google thinks I want to travel it shows me different results. Like it displays flights with timing, google map with distance on a car or on foot. It is the usefulness of google because it is trying to make useful data for me. Instead, we search Karachi to Lahore flights then google will only show me different flights.

It’s a challenge for Google because it wants to display relevant results to you. Some times google search bar missing in your browser, it is just due to the installation of an unwanted application. Due to that application, your search bar replaces with another search engine search bar. Some more interesting guide is here.

Google search not working??

If your Google search is not working then you might have to clear your default browser cache. It might be done in the Google Chrome setting. You  have to follow these steps for this purpose:

1- Open the Chrome Browser

2-Click on the three-dot icon.

3-Select the settings from the menu.

4-Click on the Privacy followed by clearing browsing data.

How to exclude words from google search?

if you want to exclude some words from google search then you just have to use the – operator. For example, you use this query in Google search bar amir Ali -khan then the results given by Google are only related to amir Ali, word khan will be excluded due to the operator you have used -.


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  1. Rizwan

    Dear Sir,
    In this article following 2 points are not clear to me. Kindly elaborate them a bit in online class session.
    Exclude words from google

    1. aamir

      Crawling: a process in which google bot checks every line of code of a site related to your article is called crawling.
      Excluding means, you don’t want these words in the google results.

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