How To Stalk On Instagram

Here is how to stalk on Instagram:

  1. Go to Instagram
  2. In the search bar at the bottom of the screen, “enter the username” of the person whose profile you want to preview.
  3. Tap on the person’s username to go to their profile.
  4. From here, you can scroll through their profile and view their posts, bio, and other information.

Keep in mind that you will only be able to see public information on someone’s profile. If their account is private, you will not be able to see their posts or profile information unless they accept your request to follow them.

How to tell if someone is stalking you on Instagram

There are a few signs that may indicate if someone is stalking you on Instagram:

Even though the posts are unrelated to them, they routinely like or comment on your posts.

Even if they never comment on your Instagram stories or live broadcasts, they frequently watch them.

Even if you haven’t replied to their prior messages or engaged with their material, they still send you direct messages on Instagram.

Even when the post or comment doesn’t pertain to you, they routinely tag you in it.

Even though you don’t know them or have never communicated with them before, they add you as a friend.


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