What Is the smallest ATX case – Top 4 Smallest ATX cases

ATX, which stands for “Advanced Technology eXtended,” is a motherboard specification and a power supply design. It was created in collaboration with Intel in 1995. In simple terms, small ATX cases are designed to work with ATX motherboards and all the accessories. The adaptability of these cases and the wide range of hardware compatibility make them the most commonly used choice for building Personal Computers (PCs).

Smallest ATX case designs are created to reduce the space inside the cases but still be capable of housing ATX motherboards and other components. The compact ATX cases permit potent computers to be placed and are ideal for people with limited living space. The smallest ATX case size could be more practical for those who travel often or participate in LAN events.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Smallest ATX Case:

  • Aesthetics and materials: The most efficient small form factor ATX case A method to destroy a stunning PC configuration is to choose an unstylish enclosure with thin materials. The choices available are of the highest quality and easily adjusted to suit a selection of personal preferences.
  • Cooling capabilities: To keep parts of your custom computer from getting overheated and creating damage, it might be essential to employ several cooling methods. A majority of gamers can beat the heat by making use of either an air-cooled or liquid-cooled system. It is paramount to ensure that these containers have effective strategies to cool.
  • Cable management: It’s more challenging to manage cables inside the smallest ATX case due to the smaller size of these cases. It is essential to find places that can be used as storage areas and accessible organizational tools.
  • Internal component compatibility: It ensures that all your internal parts are in sync to utilize various hardware configurations within the casing. We looked for enclosures designed to accommodate the expanding size of specific components, including the graphics card used in modern computer systems.

Best Small ATX Case

Select the best small ATX case for your computer now. If you’ve been searching for the small ATX cases with the most negligible thickness and are still looking for a chance, look. Here is a listing of the best smallest full ATX cases equipped to hold ATX components without sacrificing performance. 

In the earlier section, we have also provided some valuable tips about choosing the smallest ATX case size most suitable for your requirements. Building a small full ATX case for personal computers is logical as PC components are shrinking. You can even use it as your office’s central point of productivity, and it will only consume a little space.

Cooler Master MasterBox Q500L

The performance and quality do not depend on the size of the computer in any sense. The standard motherboards that measure 381mm by 386 mm can also be utilized. Whatever way the fans are placed best, the most significant amount of airflow is provided through the perforated panels that protect the front, top, and back. 

Additionally, the unit includes a bracket for the power supply unit (PSU) and a moveable (I/O) port, which can be placed in any of the six ways. It’s built with a flexible frame that can be set up in various ways to meet your requirements in line with the specs of the design. 

Some of them include efficient fans, rubber stoves, efficient cooling, and wire management. The various sizes of Motherboards including Mini-ITX, micro-ATX, are suitable. Due to its reasonable cost, it’s more attractive.


Store.coolermaster.com is now selling the cool Cooler Master Masterbox Q500L for the inexpensive price of $59.99

NZXT H510i

The NZXT H510i is pre-configured with all the features that will be required to build ATX-sized PCs that are small full ATX cases in dimensions.Its unique inside that is part of the model with a smallest mid tower case has plenty of space and has a broad range of cooling options is a great option to house high-powered equipment that requires both liquid and air cooling.

The H510i is a fantastic choice due to its superior 2-Aer-F fan, two LEDs in its front RGB lights, and excellent cable management.It also has expansion slots that can hold more than five drive bays, which makes it possible to achieve a higher level of customizing the requirements for data storage. It also has USB Type-C ports that work with devices that utilise the USB.


NZXT H510i Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case Matte Black is a reasonably priced case at $ 70.

Lian Li Lancool II Mesh

The Lian Lancool II Mesh is a smallest ATX case designed specifically to maintain coolness as the main focus of its design. It is contemporary and highly versatile. Intense gaming sessions won’t cause harm to your computer due to the mesh front panel with enough space to accommodate the installation of eight 120mm fans to be mounted.

Due to its modular design, it can offer various storage capacities to be chosen from. This includes supporting radiators as big as 360 mm, three drive bays measuring 3.5 inches, and four drive bays measuring 2.5 inches. It comes with cable management and an end panel that is hinged glass, making it a lot easier to install and maintain.


The Lian Lancool II Mesh is the smallest ATX case with a fluctuating price. It costs $69.94.

Fractal Design Meshify C

Create a mesh using the fractal form that is C. Its Meshify C, made by Fractal Shape, is an excellent illustration of a smallest ATX case that, due to its spacious interior design and unique design, can be highly efficient regarding cooling. The Meshify C has two fans measuring 120 mm in diameter each. 

Additionally, it can house radiators that measure at least 360 mm in width and length. Due to the three 3.5″/2.5″ drive bays and three separate 2.5″ drive bays, this compact powerhouse can store all the components you’ll be using.


The Fractal appearance Meshify C Standard ATX case has a fantastic appearance and is reasonably priced, starting at $112.26 new and $69.95 used.

Smallest ATX Cases for Optimal Compact PC Designs

When you’re putting together an ATX computer, There are a few items to remember. They are like this:

  • Refrain from attempting to speed through the process of building. Instead, it would help if you were prepared before purchasing anything and take measurements of all the components to ensure they fit into your chosen container.
  • Select a container with plenty of airflow. If you want to reduce the temperature, consider buying top-quality cooling equipment.
  • Sort the cords and wires. Keeping your wires in small containers is crucial to keep them cool and provide your space with a better-looking appearance.
  • Ensure you check every component of your computer when you put it together to verify that it functions correctly.

It is crucial to use specific strategies and techniques to dramatically increase your overall competitiveness to ensure you remain ahead in a constantly changing gaming world.

Final Words

A compact ATX case can be the most suitable option for those who want to maximize the performance of their computer but don’t want to dedicate a lot of space simultaneously. When components compatibility, cooling, and cable management are considered during the computer’s building process, the machine is durable and efficient in the utilization of space.

Our top five picks for the smallest ATX case efficient and space-saving smallest full ATX cases include the NZXT H510i The Fractal Design Meshify C, the Cooler Master MasterBox Q500L, with theLian Li Lancool II Mesh. These cases provide the perfect balance of size, design, and performance. You can create the most portable computer if you adhere to the steps laid out in this instructional and the advice and tips in this tutorial.