You may have come across several sites that assist users in the detection of plagiarized content. But have you ever come to plagiarism-removing websites? Yes, you have read it right, there are numerous websites available on the internet helping students, researchers, bloggers, etc. to eliminate plagiarism from their content.

Online plagiarism removers are software programs that utilized advanced algorithms that make necessary changes in the given content to make plagiarism free. These sites are becoming very popular because plagiarism has become a rising issue due to the availability of all kinds of information on the internet.

So, we’ve decided to come up with a list best websites that can be useful for eliminating plagiarism.

5 Best Websites For Removing Plagiarism

1.    Plagiarismremover.net

As the name indicates, Plagiarism Remover is an Artificial Intelligence-based website that allows users to remove plagiarism from their written material for free. This means that users can utilize it for unlimited times without paying a single penny.

It utilizes sensitive Natural Language Processing algorithms along with Deep Learning Technology for efficient plagiarism removal. This website removes the plagiarized text by changing words/phrases of the original text with their appropriate synonyms, altering sentence structure, etc. During this process, the website makes sure the original intent of the given remains the same.

Moreover, it comes with multiple modes: AI Remover and Word Changer. This can be beneficial for people looking for versatile plagiarism remover.

To provide you with a better idea about its works, we have copied a piece of text from Rock Content and entered it into the tool. Here’re the results we’ve got after completing the removal process:

The plagiarism removal tool has provided the output text by changing words and phrases with synonyms. It also alters the sentence structure to reduce copied content.

Pros Cons
ü  Artificial Intelligence powered working O  Available in one language
ü  Completely free to use
ü  2000-word limit per submission
ü  Quick and accurate
ü  Copy and save output results


2.    Articlerewriter.net

Article Rewriter is a website that users can use for different plagiarism removal purposes. It is a completely free-to-use site offering users three rewriting modes Word Changer, Sentence Changer, and Plagiarism Remover.

All these modes work by incorporating new words and rewriting sentences to eliminate the risk of plagiarism from the given text. Moreover, all the modes utilize advanced AI rewriting technology to provide output text in a new way.

To explain this, we have rewritten the same plagiarized paragraphs that we used for the demonstration of the previous tool. The output text we got against the input is shown below:

The website has provided with almost completely new version of the input text by using new words and phrases. The best thing about the tool is that it maintains the actual intent of the input content while performing the plagiarism-removal process. We think the output results are enough to show how effective this site can be for lessening plagiarism.

Pros Cons
ü  Free and easy to use O  Does not allow users to edit the output
ü  AI rewriting technology
ü  Three different modes
ü  1000-word limit
ü  Multiple input options (upload/paste)

3.    Seomagnifier.com

Last but not least, SEOMagnifier is another invaluable website for removing plagiarism. It is a 100% free Artificial Intelligence powered website that helps users efficiently lessen the chances of copied content. It works by rewording sentences or even paragraphs to provide plagiarism-free output results. During this process, SEOMagnifier retains the tone and meaning of the original content.

And one of the amazing things is that it allows users to edit the output results. Like, if a user does not satisfy with a specific word/phrase used in the output, then they can add their preferred word. For a demonstration of this, check out the image below:

Additionally, it is available in seven different languages, allowing users from all around the world to eliminate plagiarism in their native language.

Pros Cons
ü  Free to use O  Does not provide side-by-side results
ü  Allow users to add their preferred words
ü  Multiple language support
ü  Download results in multiple file formats


4.   Paraphraseonline.io

After reading the name, you may get an idea about what kind of website this will be right? Paraphraseonline.io is a free AI-powered website for online paraphrasing. It plays a key role in eliminating plagiarism from given content by removing unnecessary words, changing the tone and arrangements of words and phrases.

It offers four different modes to wipe out the traces of plagiarized content. The modes include; Word Changer, Sentence Rephraser, Paraphrase text, and Text Improver. All these modes work on different algorithms, but there is one common thing about these modes, which is that they all provide plagiarism-free output results.

This means users can make use of any of its modes to get rid of plagiarism from their content. To show you how this website works for plagiarism removal, simply have a look at the below image:

The Paraphrase Online has provided results by eliminating redundant words and using new words to eliminate the chances of plagiarism. One of the most interesting things about this website is that it is available in three different languages.

Pros Cons
ü  User-friendly interface O  Sometimes take time to provide output results
ü  AI-based plagiarism removal
ü  Four different modes
ü  Available in three languages
ü  2500-word limit for the first two modes


5.   Spinbot.com

Spinbot is an AI-based text-spinning website that quickly spins the given text to remove traces of plagiarism. It uses contextually-intelligent algorithms that first efficiently the input text, and then spin it to provide a fresh version of it.

It is completely free to use. And the best thing about it is that, during the plagiarism removal process, it incorporates professional terms (words & phrases) instead of slang ones. This makes the output result not only plagiarism free but also looks like written by a professional.

Moreover, Spinbot offers multiple options for eliminating plagiarized content. One is Basic Spin, and the other option is Advanced Spin. Users can pick the one according to their requirements.

To show you how it freshly spins the content for the plagiarism removal process, check out the image below:

Spinbot has provided the output results by freshly spinning the given text. The output content contains more professional terms as compared to the original one.

Pros Cons
ü  Free to use O  Do not highlight changes in the output
ü  Contextually accurate results
ü  Multiple spin options
ü  Copy output


Plagiarism-removing websites are quickly gaining popularity among users due to their ability to quickly and efficiently eliminate plagiarized text. In this article, we have covered some of the best sites along with their work. Plagiarismremoval.net is popular among users for its efficient and quick plagiarism removal process. Whereas, Paraphraseonline.io also helps users in removing plagiarism with its advanced AI modes. Spinbot.com is also widely used to remove different types of plagiarism instances in no time. Thus, saying one website is best for removing plagiarism is not a good idea. Simply use these websites on your own and choose the one that matches your requirements.