How to make your Twitter account private

It’s a lot of fun to use social media. You can share your thoughts, showcase your abilities, and speak out against injustice. But it can also be dangerous.


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In your Twitter, You could desire greater privacy. Only authorized followers can read your tweets if you have a private Twitter account. This can be useful if you prefer to keep your tweets confidential or wish everyone to see your posts.


You can keep your Twitter account private on a laptop or mobile device. When you personalize your Twitter, your followers will continue to be able to see it. To find out how to make your Twitter account private, continue reading.


Instructions on how to make your Twitter account private

Protect my tweets


Your Twitter account will turn private when you secure your tweets. Your photographs and tweets will only be shown to approved followers. In the digital era, online privacy is more crucial than ever. 


Your current followers will still be able to see your profile and information, but they won’t be able to read your tweets. We post private information on social media without considering the repercussions.


  • Open the page for your Twitter profile.
  • Select the Privacy and Settings tab.
  • Pick Account privacy from the menu.
  • Set “On” at “Protect my tweets” option.
  • After entering your password, select “Save changes.”
  • You’re finished! Your Twitter profile has been made private.


Twitter account private on Twitter 


You can also set your Twitter account to private on the smartphone app. Similar to the steps mentioned above are these:


  • Go to your profile page in the Twitter app once it is open.
  • On your screen, click the Settings and privacy tab in the top right corner.
  • Choose privacy and security from the list of choices.
  • Turn “Protect my tweets” on and, when prompted, provide your password.
  • For verification that your settings have changed, tap Save changes at the bottom of the screen.


Your Twitter profile is now secure! Remember that even if you have a private account, your current followers will still be able to read your tweets, but new followers will only be able to access them once you permit them to do so.


You may safeguard your information and prevent unauthorized users from seeing it by setting your Twitter account private. Additionally, you control who follows you and thus sees your tweets. 


Our digital age places a high value on privacy, and ensuring your Twitter account is private is one way to be secure on the internet. To ensure the confidentiality of your information, always use the most current privacy settings.


Using the iOS app


On an iPhone or iPad, follow these steps to make your Twitter account private:


  • Open the Twitter app for iOS.
  • By selecting the Profile icon, go to Settings.
  • Select Privacy and Settings.
  • Choose Safety and Privacy.
  • Adjust the slider next to Safeguard Your Tweets


Now that only your followers can see your tweets, you must first authorize any new follower requests.


Using Online Browser


Here’s how to make a Twitter account private on a PC browser if you prefer to use a browser:


  • Activate your browser.
  • Visit
  • Register with your account.
  • Select “More.”
  • Toggle between Settings and Privacy.
  • Select Safety and privacy.
  • Visit the audience and tagging page.
  • Next to Protect Your Tweets, check the box.
  • Select Protect.


Now, only the people who follow you may see your tweets. You can use this method to both protect and unprotect your tweets. Select or uncheck the option next to “Protect my tweets.”

On your private account, review a follow request


After learning how to make your Twitter account private, you’ll also need to know how to review a follow request on your account manually. If you don’t see them on your notification tab, you can still locate them in your list of pending follower requests.

Computer Browser


There needs to be more than knowing how to make a Twitter account private on a PC. If you desire followers, you’ll need to understand how to approve follower requests.


The following describes how to locate the open follow requests in the Twitter browser:


  • Start Twitter.
  • Select More from the icon menu.
  • Then select Follower requests.
  • Accept or reject the request.


Anytime you want, you can accept the follower’s request.

Using a mobile device


After securing your tweets on the Android Twitter app, you learned to approve followers. On the Twitter app for mobile devices, locate and review the “follow” request:


  • Activate the Twitter app.
  • Select the icon for your profile.
  • Click the subsequent request.
  • Verify the request or delete it.




This article covers how to make a Twitter account private on various gadgets. After activating account privacy, accept the following request. We’ve also gone over how to do it with you. You have also studied more techniques for Twitter safety in addition to that.


Using social media without knowing how to stay safe has become increasingly risky. Use these pointers to browse safely and maintain the security of your Twitter account.

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