Convert Meters to Feet

Two popular units for measuring length are meters and feet. While feet are typically used in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other nations, meters are the accepted unit of length in the International System of Units (SI). Although converting meters to feet might initially seem challenging, there are various approaches that can make it simple.


Formula to convert Meters to Feet

To convert meters to feet, you can use the following formula:

Length in feet = Length in meters x 3.2808

For example, let’s say we want to convert 5 meters to feet. Using the formula above, we can plug in the value of 5 for Length in meters:

Length in feet = 5 x 3.2808

Length in feet = 16.404

So, 5 meters is equivalent to 16.404 feet, rounded to three decimal places.

So, rounding to three decimal places, 5 meters is equivalent to 16.404 ft.

Alternatively, you can convert meters to feet without using the method by using a conversion chart or an online tool. To do manual conversions and to comprehend the relationship between the two units of measurement, the formula can be helpful.


Here are six methods to convert meters to feet:

Recently we learned on how to convert Inches to Cm, now let’s move onto Meters to Feet:

Use Dimensional Analysis

Unit conversion can be done mathematically using dimensional analysis. Simply multiply the length in meters by the conversion factor of 3.2808 feet per meter to use this technique to convert meters to feet. By doing this, the meters unit will be eliminated, leaving you with the length in feet.


Employ approximations

You can use an approximation method to determine the length in feet quickly and easily. To get an estimated length in feet, simply multiply the length in meters by 0.3. For instance, multiplying a length of 5 meters by 0.3 would result in a length that is roughly 16.67 feet.


Use a converter

Using an online conversion calculator is among the simplest ways to convert measurements between meters and feet. The internet is full of free conversion tools that can quickly convert measurements from meters to feet. You only need to enter the quantity of meters you wish to convert, and the calculator will provide the result in feet.


Use a conversion table

Using a conversion chart is another way to convert meters to feet. With the help of these charts, you can quickly find the conversion factor for any given length in meters. A conversion chart can be used by simply reading the comparable length in feet after finding the length in meters on the chart.


Use a Ratio

Meters to feet conversion factor is 3.2808. To convert a length in meters to feet using a ratio, just multiply it by 3.2808. If your length is 5 meters, for instance, you would multiply 5 by 3.2808 to get 16.404 feet.


Use mental math.

You can accomplish the conversion mentally by using mental math if you need to go from a tiny length in meters to feet. Simply multiply a length in meters by three, then add 10% of the result to get the length in feet. The result of multiplying a length of 2 meters by three would be 6 feet, and the result of adding 10% of 2 meters (or 0.2 meters) would be 6.2 feet.



1 meter in feet is what measurement?

The length of 3.28 feet is about equal to one meter. So, you would increase the length in meters by 3.28 to translate it to feet.


6 feet and 2 meters?

No, two meters are not precisely six feet. As previously stated, 1 meter is similar to roughly 3.28 feet, making 2 meters equal to roughly 6.56 ft.


How much length is 1 meter?

One yard (which is equivalent to 3 feet, or 36 inches), or one meter (which is equal to 3.28084 feet, or 39.3701 inches), is somewhat longer than a yard. To put it another way, if you laid a tape measure on the ground, a length of 1 meter would extend from its start to just past the 3-foot mark.


How to convert meters squared to feet squared

To convert meters squared (m²) to feet squared (ft²), you can use the following conversion factor:

1 m² = 10.7639 ft²

So, to convert any area from square meters to square feet, you would multiply the area in square meters by 10.7639.

For example, let’s say we have an area of 20 square meters that we want to convert to square feet. Using the conversion factor above, we can calculate the area in square feet as follows:

20 m² x 10.7639 = 215.278 ft²

Therefore, an area of 20 square meters is equivalent to approximately 215.278 square feet.

Instead of using the conversion factor, you can also convert square meters to square feet using an online calculator or conversion chart.



Finally, there are numerous ways to translate meters to feet. A conversion calculator, conversion table, ratio, dimensional analysis, approximation, and mental math are a few examples. You may quickly and effectively convert any length from meters to feet by using these techniques.


Meters to Feet Conversion table

Meters  Feet 
.5 meters to feet 1.64042 feet
1.2 meters to feet 3.93701 feet
1.4 meters to feet 4.59318 feet
1.5 meters to feet 4.92126 feet
1.55 meters to feet 5.0853 feet
1.6 meters to feet 5.24934 feet
1.65 meters to feet 5.41339 feet
1.68 meters to feet 5.51181 feet
1.7 meters to feet 5.57743 feet
1.74 meters to feet 5.70866 feet
1.75 meters to feet 5.74147 feet
1.76 meters to feet 5.77428 feet
1.77 meters to feet 5.80709 feet
1.78 meters to feet 5.8399 feet
1.79 meters to feet 5.87271 feet
1.8 meters to feet 5.90551 feet
1.81 meters to feet 5.93832 feet
1.83 meters to feet 6.00394 feet
1.84 meters to feet 6.03675 feet
1.85 meters to feet 6.06956 feet
1.88 meters to feet 6.16798 feet
1.9 meters to feet 6.2336 feet
1.95 meters to feet 6.39764 feet
1.98 meters to feet 6.49606 feet
10 meters to feet 32.8084 feet
100 meters to feet 328.084 feet
1000 meters to feet 3280.84 feet
12 meters to feet 39.3701 feet
120 meters to feet 393.701 feet
13 meters to feet 42.6509 feet
14 meters to feet 45.9318 feet
15 meters to feet 49.2126 feet
150 meters to feet 492.126 feet
17 meters to feet 55.7743 feet
18 meters to feet 59.0551 feet
2 meters to feet 6.56168 feet
2.01 meters to feet 6.59449 feet
2.03 meters to feet 6.66004 feet
2.05 meters to feet 6.72572 feet
2.06 meters to feet 6.75853 feet
2.1 meters to feet 6.88976 feet
2.2 meters to feet 7.21785 feet
2.3 meters to feet 7.546 feet
2.4 meters to feet 7.87402 feet
2.5 meters to feet 8.2021 feet
2.7 meters to feet 8.85827 feet
20 meters to feet 65.6168 feet
200 meters to feet 656.168 feet
2000 meters to feet 6561.68 feet
25 meters to feet 82.021 feet
3 meters to feet 9.843 feet
3.5 meters to feet 11.483 feet
30 meters to feet 98.425 feet
300 meters to feet 984.252 feet
3000 meters to feet 9,842.52 feet
4 meters to feet 13.123 feet
4.5 meters to feet 14.764 feet
40 meters to feet 131.234 feet
400 meters to feet 1,312.34 feet
4000 meters to feet 13,123.36 feet
45 meters to feet 147.637 feet
5 meters to feet 16.404 feet
50 meters to feet 164.041 feet
500 meters to feet 1,640.42 feet
6 meters to feet 19.685 feet
60 meters to feet 196.85 feet
7 meters to feet 22.966 feet
70 meters to feet 229.659 feet
700 meters to feet 2,296.59 feet
8 meters to feet 26.247 feet
80 meters to feet 262.467 feet
800 meters to feet 2,624.67 feet
8000 meters to feet 26,246.72 feet
9 meters to feet 29.528 feet
90 meters to feet 295.276 feet