What does mutuals mean on tiktok? – (Detailed Guide)

Slang words are those words that are included in informal speech. These words are usually spoken more in speech than in writing. These phrases and sentences can only be spoken in your friend zone or with your family members. The Internet is filled with this slang, which sometimes becomes hard to understand. 

“Moots” is one of the famous slang terms on the TikTok platform and has become a trending word. In this article, we will guide you about what “Moots” is, so let’s move deep to learn the actual moots meaning on TikTok.

What does mutuals mean on tiktok? 

Moots, is a short term for “mutuals”. Moots meaning is that it mentions those people who follow each other on social media. When you meet new friends and close ones, You will be mentioned as “Moots.” People who want to make online friends will mainly use this slang word. This hashtag has assembled over 110.4 million views to date. This word is not just restricted to tiktok but is also popular in Twitter applications. Often people use this slang word on Twitter.