What is keyword search?- A Free Best Beginner’s Guide

What is keyword search?- A Free Best Beginner’s Guide

In this Topic of Keyword search  we will discuss:

  • What is Keyword search?
  • Keywords usage in daily life
  • Benefits of keywords in Digital Business
  • Keyword search tool (Google Keyword Planner)
  • Conclusion

What is Keyword search?

The process by which you find out some famous and most common terms people type into search engines like bing, google, etc.

For example, if you want to buy iphone7  you will type “buy iphone7” or “price of iphone7” etc. So these terms are basically called keywords and the process of finding these special terms is called keyword search.There are many keyword types you can check here

Keywords usage in daily life

How do you start a keyword to search in the case of everyday life:

If you want to open a shop for clothes then where will you open it?

  • You will estimate or guesstimate from where you will get more customers?
  • For this purpose, You can go to a mall, where most of the time people go for a visit. So there is a possibility they will visit your shop as well.
  • You can open it in a market, where there is a large crowd of people. Then people can either visit your shop while walking.

Furthermore, if I take this example for a mobile phone shop. Then how do you know where to open any shop? which would be better? Which shop you can open and at which place? For a mobile phone shop in Lahore, The recommended suggestion will be Hafeez center Lahore because it is a big mobile phone and mobile accessories market. Some people refer you to Hall road Lahore. But some people also suggest you to open a shop in that place from where Hafeez center and hall road is too far. So if you provide them the products that are available in Hafeez center or in other markets in their area. It is really beneficial for them and profitable for you because they can come to you with great ease.

Although in all these it is not clearly retrievable where it runs better. People often presume, as well in business a more calculated approach could take and adopt.

Benefits of keywords in Digital Business

Digital Marketing strategy of research is now more powerful in business research:

In digital, you are able to identify business opportunities that can get:

  1. More traffic,
  2. More customers,
  3. Which product has high demand?

Yes! It is possible.

So, the browser maintains the data of research or finding queries in the form of keyword search. Further, it also provides the facility to marketers to research this database. We can do this by going to the google tool and performing research or can check which are the keywords that our audience is finding to fulfill their needs in terms of keyword trends. Likewise, those products are available on our website. Due to the existence of this policy, the optimizing of the engine is most successful. In the enhancement of the web browser when you find out how many people from Pakistan(پاکستان) are searching what? And if you have the same business you can create a website on it because of searched words as products for business. So this is actually the meaning of what is digital business. In which either you can:keyword search, google keyword search, keyword search tool, keyword search volume, keyword search google, google keyword search tool,

  • Launch a new website
  • Stand a new website business
  • As well if your business is running then you can figure out which pf your product has what demand.

Keyword search tool (Google Keyword Planner)

This all is possible with the one tool of the Google Chrome browser known as the Google keyword planner. It provides this app for its google ads product. Google ads are a different product through which you can run PPC and display ads. But we use this keyword tool in optimization for the identification of keywords. By using this tool we can know from Lahore or Karachi how many people are looking for a mobile phone. If I determine 1 million or 10 thousand people are looking for a mobile phone. Then I want to create a website and will display my business digitally on the basis of keyword position. So, those 1 million people who are finding for it, can easily reach me.

Instead of it, if you don’t know about the user demands likewise the majority of individuals seek for what. But if you have not such an opportunity then you are not able to keep these demanding things and grow your business. So, this is the reason we have more control in digital business.


  • We will well aware of people’s findings.
  • We can understand the demands, like at what time people are finding for what that is the free keyword for us?
  • While understanding these demands, it is easy for the business to fulfill the demand by keeping more products or:
    • starts ranking on those products.
    • start marketing campaigns on those products.

Thus, can compile the expectations. Of course, it’s profitable for them because it is necessary for their business growth. Further, we will understand how these tools work and how we can perform free keyword search on them. That’s aiming to benefit us later on. Let’s learn more about it.


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