What is Spam Score? How to reduce spam score? User Guide 2021

What is Spam Score? How to reduce spam score? User Guide 2021

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Spam Scoring

What is Spam Score? How to reduce spam score?

Spam Score is a framework that defines the quality of the website.MOZ is the top-rated spam checker tool. Spam Score Matrices depends on the following types of flags :Spam scoring,What is spam Score?

  • Diversity of site link is lowLarge site with few links
  • Moz Rank Score
  • Average of Follow and Nofollow Domains
  • Average of Follow and Nofollow subdomains
  • Use External Links in the navigation
  • Contact Information Missing
  • A heavy page containing Anchor Text
  • Spammy link building
  • Length of domain name

How does website spam score increase?

Low-quality backlinks, because when we use low-quality backlinks, google transfers that site’s authority to our site, and due to the low quality of that site, we have to face a high spam score.

How to reduce Spam score?

These are the following factors that help you to do this:

  • Use a proper Topic
  • Avoid HTML,CSS Errors
  • Don’t use URL inside Hyperlink; always use normal Text
  • Avoid using Spammy Words like soma, valium, porn, etc
  • Use complete Adress
  • Remove Unneeded Html
  • Use Image below 100kb

Spam checker tool: 

These are the most popular free spam checker tool that has most accurate spam scoring :

  1. Moz
  2. IsNotSpam
  3. litmus
  4. Websiteseochecker
  5. Spamanalyse
  6. spam check
  7. ultra tools
  8. MX toolbox

 Levels of Spam Score:

1st Low Spam Score 0% to 30%
2nd Average Spam Score 31% to 60%
3rd High Spam Score 61% to 100%