What is Spam Score? How to reduce spam score? User Guide 2021

What is Spam Score? How to reduce spam score? User Guide 2021

Spam Scoring

What is Spam Score? How to reduce spam score?

Spam Score is a framework that defines the quality of the website.MOZ is the top-rated spam checker tool. Spam Score Matrices depends on the following types of flags :Spam scoring,What is spam Score?

  • Diversity of site link is lowLarge site with few links
  • Moz Rank Score
  • Average of Follow and Nofollow Domains
  • Average of Follow and Nofollow subdomains
  • Use External Links in the navigation
  • Contact Information Missing
  • A heavy page containing Anchor Text
  • Spammy link building
  • Length of domain name

How does website spam score increase?

Low-quality backlinks, because when we use low-quality backlinks, google transfers that site’s authority to our site, and due to the low quality of that site, we have to face a high spam score.

How to reduce Spam score?

These are the following factors that help you to do this:

  • Use a proper Topic
  • Avoid HTML,CSS Errors
  • Don’t use URL inside Hyperlink; always use normal Text
  • Avoid using Spammy Words like soma, valium, porn, etc
  • Use complete Adress
  • Remove Unneeded Html
  • Use Image below 100kb

Spam checker tool: 

These are the most popular free spam checker tool that has most accurate spam scoring :

  1. Moz
  2. IsNotSpam
  3. litmus
  4. Websiteseochecker
  5. Spamanalyse
  6. spam check
  7. ultra tools
  8. MX toolbox

 Levels of Spam Score:

1st Low Spam Score 0% to 30%
2nd Average Spam Score 31% to 60%
3rd High Spam Score 61% to 100%


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