Introduction to seo and keywords

Seo and Keywords

Search Engine Optimization is a process in which you have to cover some factors. For example,

  • Increase the speed of the site
  • Some on-page Optimisation, and other factors too. Anything you type in google search is called Keyword.

Keyword Intents:

The thinking process of every person is different, every person thinks differently so that thinking level is called intent, and google gives results according to intent. what you want from google is basically called intent.

 Keyword intent Types:

  1. Educational Intent/Informational intent

  2. Commercial Intents/Buyer keywords

  3. Navigational Intent/ Direct Access to any page of the site

Educational Intent

  • How to make a cake?
  • How to drive?
  • Way to grow a plant?

All these keywords a person type covers in educational Intent

Commercial Intent

If you are searching for a table and some chairs. Then Google will take you to that place where you can easily buy the table and chairs. It’s basically known as commercial intent. You put a  query in Google“best chairs in England,” it will take you to the near and best shops in England which are dealing with that product you are searching for you can easily buy that product from there.

Navigational Intent

    “Facebook login” If you write Facebook login in Google search, then it will take you to the login page directly. Sometimes your educational keywords become version keywords; for example, you are searching for weight loss; instead, you get the tricks of weight loss, Google will show the nearest fitness center.

Keywords Types

  • Exact match Keywords (Ladies Cloths) It is your exact Keyword planner.
  • Partial Match Keywords (Best Ladies Cloths) is your partially match Keyword.
  • Brand Keywords (Genders Collection) it may be your brand name.

There are two other types of keywords, which includes in the above-mention keyword types

  • Long-tail keywords “Best Ladies Suits 2020” is a long-tail keyword
  • short-tail keywords“Ladies Suits” are short tail keyword

SEO and Keywords Play a very important role in the indexing and the Ranking of the sites in google and other search Engines.