The future of freelancers is promising

Freelance work is such a great job. The New Year provides good reasons to be optimistic and to smile, as it projects a positive and stable career future for freelancers. An online outsourcing platform for people seeking temporary work has recently completed a study. The survey found that in the coming year’s freelance meaning in businesses would increase steadily from over 800 freelance workers, with a staggering 79% predicting their freelance company to expand in 2010. Surprisingly, 59 percent of freelancers polled choose Full Time over Freelancing. This indicates clearly that the freelancing market will see a huge boom in the coming years that will enable freelancers around the world to pursue more freelancing employment.

Want to see yourself as a Professional freelancer??

Professionals from almost every industry field worldwide are searching for consulting assignments. Because they can no longer count on their full-time employment. The uncertainty of losing jobs could be one explanation for freelancers’ rising demand.

The global economic slowdown may be one explanation of why freelancers around the world are progressively demanding. 18 percent of professionals included in the study claimed. That their key motivations for freelancing were the recent lack of a career. And a further 36 percent felt they used freelancing as a means to augment full-time income. Just 29 percent considered self-employment to be their key work or company. Independence is also one of the reasons that freelancers prefer to be freelancers. That’s because they operate from home and schedule their own hours. The opportunity to manage their own life while growing their profits to earn money.

Run a small business through freelance work

Another factor, like many professionals, claims, may increase freelancing while both small and large businesses look forward to exporting their essential freelance employment to freelancers. 57 percent of survey respondents believe that the biggest factor is ‘saving expenses or growing personnel’ and want to outsource the full core and non-core duties to freelancers. Several freelance websites are facilitating freelancers to show their expertise. Instead of an employee become a freelancer for a brighter future Learn more.

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