What is Search? What are the Traffic Channels?

How to search google or type a url??

The search tempest process of finding something is called a search. The things which we find are basically called data points, and these data points are storing somewhere in the database. It depends on two things:

  1. Need
  2. Want

Need and want are called intents. For example, if you need a doctor, you will find a doctor, and if you wish to buy a watch, you will find a watch.

Basic Factors that play an essential role in the Optimization of Search Engine:

  1. Search
  2. Search Engine
  3. Optimization

Professionals from Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing are actively searching for fresh and innovative ways to boost their consumers’ web visibility and rankings in Google’s search findings. On the other hand, Google also continues to refine its algorithm for search engines, rendering it online companies more difficult to achieve a better ranking. Therefore the best techniques and methods for optimization of search engines are continuously changing.

To assess the success of your web search camp, it is not the only way to quantify organic traffic. Several other forms of online marketing success are frequently ignored.

Let’s talk about what it’s like.

Traffic  comes from 4  basic channels:

  • Organic
  • Direct
  • Social
  • Referral


The most important and best channel is organic. If your traffic comes organically, then it represents that you are on the right track.  The most important thing is what the people want and what you are giving them. You can search google or type a URL to access any webpage.

You usually understand that optimizing a search engine is essential, but what you probably don’t know is that organic SEO can serve you much better. First, you have to learn what “organic search stands” for and how it can help you bring visitors to your website fast and efficiently, along with the best search engine optimization method. Search tempest is American classified advertisements websites that facilitate advertisments and give optimize results like Google.

The most straightforward approach to leverage the organic search engine is to adopt the standard SEO process since the website is built such that users who look for problems in which you can assist can eventually wind up on their pages. You will end up with the highest ranks of the unpaid websites when you use the correct keywords and use the keyword search engine optimization feature. Thus, more users will end up on your pages as they check.


The user must know about your complete web address, such as abc.com; this is called a direct search. It is only possible if your brand is famous such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.


It relates to social media such as Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Tumblr search, etc.


Any external website that uses your website’s link called permalink and a user clicks on that link and comes to your site is called Referral traffic.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is basically a web analytics service that is offered by Google and this is used to track the sites and Generate reports about website traffic. Currently, it is used in Google Marketing Platform.

which “medium” or “sources” are available in google analytics?

There are major 7 types of Mediums or channel source are Available in Google analytics.

  1. Organic
  2. CPC
  3. PPC
  4. Paid Search
  5. (not set)
  6. (none)
  7. Social
  8. social-network.