What is search engine optimization?

As we discussed before, to understand search engine optimization we need to understand the following factors:

  1. Search
  2. Search engine
  3. Optimization

Here the example helps you in understanding. You further need to understand google as: you want to take any book from the library. For this purpose, you will discuss with the librarian and tell him your requirement for what you need. Then the librarian will help you to know the available place of the book which you need and what information on that book you want to extract.

Similarly, Google and other search engines are librarians for the internet and the internet is the largest library. If we need some information from that library then we go to google and search in it and google gives us the right result against the search or the other search engines show us the right result.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We basically see all this information under a parameter. The parameter is a specific criterion or pattern through which information displays to us. Every search engine has a different pattern. Search engines are not humans. Human involvement involves to the extent of making. So no human involvement adds in its working because it works under the programs and formulas. In technical language, these are called algorithms (algorithms of search engines).

what are algorithms in terms of a search engine?

Algorithms or programs are mathematical calculations through which you decide which thing is better and which is wrong. Similar to other software that designs for different works. Google software or search engine’s software also collects information through a specific parameter or function, organizes information, and displays it.

To learn the optimization of the search engine, we just need to understand two things:

  • Search engine Algorithms
  • On which basis google displays the result after calculation.

Because these algorithms are different for every explorer engine

  • They continuously update &
  • Repeatedly getting advance.

Continuous updating and advancement also bring a change in their properties (they start to see things in different ways or present our information in different ways). Being a search marketer we need to understand and apply the Optimization of the search engine as a marketing professional.

In this whole process we need to understand the following things:

  1. How do search engines work?
  2. Do they find content on the web? (How much content is available and how google or other search engines will excess it).
  3. How do they index that content? (After excess and crawl the content how they index it).
  4. How do they rank information?
  5. In what way they show results against the search queries?

As we already discuss all. But the knowledge of all these things. Gain this knowledge, utilize this knowledge, and do understand how all these things run. Also after that, while utilizing this knowledge, improve your own website and improve your content according to that. This process is called the Optimization of the search engine (SEO).

It is basically a process through which we project our content, information, and all we develop for marketing, according to Google’s algorithm and Google’s parameters. Its services include(Search engine optimization marketing, local search engine optimization, on-page,off-page, technical search engine optimization and google search optimization) So which Google is trying to make results easy, quick, and useful for people. And we should try to make our content easy, make it accessible and useful for google because google will promote us as much as we help google. So this is a two-way process.

What is optimization according to google?

Tuning is basically an improvement for better performance. For example tuning of bike etc.

For a search engine, we do tuning of our website like improvement in content to improve the performance are considered as optimization in terms of search engine optimization. Similarly “we do tuning of our websites, this tuning will according to which criteria. Like where you need to improve information, etc. This tuning is technically called optimization”.

When we do optimization of our website basically by the projection of our website according to Google’s algorithms. So that the thing google is finding, it gets that from our website, as easily it is found as easily it will display. This whole process is called the Optimization of the search engine.

In this whole course, we will study which are the factors through which the search engine optimization algorithm works. The things the algorithms see and how we improve those things. By improving them our ranking will also increase.