How To Compress PDF to 200kb

We reduce pdf size to 200kb or even less because different social media or chatting programs don’t allow us to send large PDFs containing massive megabytes. 

To transfer these files, we need to compress PDF files to a size that allows them to easily be incorporated into our messages and sent to the world of the internet.

We also compress PDF files to save up our device space. So let’s see how to compress PDF files with the help of different tools. 

Steps To Compress PDF to 200kb 

Here is how to compress pdf file to 200kb with the help of online tools: 


Compress PDF to 200kb

PDF2Go is an online PDF editor and converter tool with an impressively massive list of features.

PDF2Go supports all the popular web browsers to deliver almost every sought-after feature to manage documents, especially concerning PDF files.

Compress PDF to 200kb with PDF2GO

  1. Go to PDF2GO
  2. Drag and drop or upload the PDF file that you want to resize pdf file to 200kb online
  3. Select the “compression level” (Basic or Strong)
  4. Click on “Start” 
  5. Now you can download your compressed file 

2. Soda PDF

Soda PDF is another great tool that is available online on different web browsers and also accessible on mobile devices. 

Soda PDF is the combination of multiple PDF editing and converting tools to help the users save their time. 

Compress PDF to 200kb with Soda PDF

  1. Go to Soda PDF
  2. Now select the PDF file from your device, Google drive Or Dropbox
  3. Next, click on “Regular compression”
  4. You can also choose “High compression” option to compress your PDF files into even more smaller files
  5. After selecting the compression level, click on “Compress File”
  6. That’s it, know you can download your compressed PDF file 

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3. Sejda PDF 

Compress PDF to 200kb

It’s possible that you have already heard of this PDF editor. Sejda PDF is a user-friendly and dynamic combination of PDF editing tools that will help you in compressing, converting, combining or splitting PDD files. 

Sejda PDF is free but it also has premium plans if you want more features. This PDF compressor to 200kb is compatible with all kinds of operating systems such as android, Windows, IOS or Linux.

Compress PDF to 200kb with Soda PDF

  1. Go to Sejda PDF 
  2. Upload the PDF file that you want to compress
  3. Now click on “Compress PDF”
  4. From here you can download the Compressed PDF files with just one click

4. Dupli checker

Compress PDF to 200kb

This tool is among the best tools for compressing PDF files. Duplichecker is simple to use and extremely practical. All you need to do is copy the text onto the website or paste it into a URL. 

Compress PDF to 200kb with Soda PDF

  1. Open Duplichecker
  2. Select your PDF file
  3. Press Compress 
  4. Download your compressed file

Frequently Asked Questions

How to compress PDF file size to 200kb? 

To compress your PDF file size to exactly 200kb all you need is to open a PDF compressor > select your PDF file > select the compression level > Press “Compress PDF” > Download your compressed file. That is it!

How to compress PDF below 200kb?

If your file size is too large and you want to compress PDF below 200kb, you might need to buy the premium version of a PDF compression tool. And after buying the premium version just select the high compression level while compressing your PDF file and that is it!