How many Search Engines are there? Best search engines 2020?

Is the dogpile search engine is one of the Best Search Engines 2021?

Dogpile search engine: first, search engines we will discuss and their definition, and working…

If you want to search for anything on the internet you have to use a search engine for it. It has many categories for example if you find a video then you have to use video search engines such as YouTube Dailymotion etc. or if you want to to find a location then you have to use google map and it is also a category of the search engine Categories of search engines are increasing with the categories of searches.

Here are the types of search engines:


Here you can find anything song videos documents almost everything. Google, Bing, Yahoo and ask examples of general search engines.


 Every of the below is used for a specific purpose according to its search category:

  • Videos (YouTube, Daily Motion)
  • Images (pixels,pixabay)/(Search by image)
  •  Books
  •  Audio
  •  Location(Google Map)
  •  Documents (SlideShare)
  •  Blogs(ezine articles)
  •  question answer (Quora)
  •  People
  •  Business
  •  jobs
  • Directory

Top Best Search engines:

Let’s have some discussion about popular search engines:


Google is the most popular search engine at this time. there are 100 billion searches on Google in a month and you       have this opportunity for the ranking of your site, It also holds 75% market shares


If we discuss volume then YouTube has a great volume than Bing. YouTube is the second big search engine according to its searches. There are almost 75000 videos watched in one second on YouTube.


Bing is basically a search engine of Microsoft it converts from MSN to BING. Internet Explorer is a product of   Microsoft at the time of installation of the window it also installed automatically and Bing is set as a default search engine.

Internet Archive:

It is also its type. if you are running a site and after some time you have deleted it from the server, its information will be stored in the internet archive’s database by its own web crawlers. Information will be stored in the form of snapshots. It will show you the exact date when you have started your site and on which dates the crawler had taken the snapshots.


The main purpose of the DuckDuckgo is to focus on privacy. The other search engines track your habits for the sake of earning money but DuckDuckgo gives priority to our privacy first.


It is a website in which you can ask a question related to any field and the other people who are experts in their field will answer your question.


People of China use this search engine and it only works in China and it is the most popular search engine in this country.

There are some other search engines that perform searches for some specific purposes


 Dogpile search engine gives results in Web, images, videos, and news. It fetches instructions and information regarding user queries from Yahoo, Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, and other popular Search Engines. Dogpile is a metasearch engine.


The onion search engine is a type of tor search engine. It is used to find the content on the dark web. In short, you can assume that there is no tool is used in tor search engines for saving the cookies and user information about the search. It is Completely protected. Onion is a powerful tor search engine that provides you the facility to search in the normal  Network.

In search engine the user can download Games, Movies, Softwares, Plugins, and many more. It is working with magnet links. It is a Fast, Powerful, and smart search engine.


The torch is one of the most ancient and popular search engines on the darknet. It currently has more than 290,000   indexed onion sites and handles more than 80,000 applications daily. It is really easy to use and is a search box that helps you to type your search words. In addition, the search engine sells publicity banners such as the ones you can see with equal price in the above screenshot. Much of the benefit goes to funding and repairing servers in order to provide the operation for everyone.


Tubidy search engine is a mobile video search engine. It is a great tool for music lovers and people who enjoy watching movies online and offline mood.