Digital Marketing SEO(Search engine optimization)

 Search vs  Social and  Digital Marketing

As we know, search engine optimization is a service or category in digital marketing.

It’s necessary to understand in a broader perspective where it falls? And how does it differ from other different categories?

Search vs. Social

“Search and social both fall in digital Marketing.”

Digital Markeeting

  • What is the difference between search and social?
  • It’s necessary to clear where search (Seo) and social fall?
  • Why do both use?
  • How do both have links with digital marketing?

A common mistake that people make most of the time is by doing only one service or factor, it will make them better, but it’s impossible.


How do users reach you? They always want to see your website or channels?

The user will reach you after a different journey, he searches you on google, he searches his information in google and sees you on google, then he comes to your website or visits your website. He likes your website and wants to follow you, but instead, every time he searches you on google. Now he wants to see your content automatically. For this purpose, he identifies which social media platforms you are using (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) or the social media platforms he uses. All this type of work is done due to the way you write an article. Your intent (way of writing should be clear and sound well) and the most important thing your article should be plagiarism-free. There are many sites which give free access to check the plagiarism online such as Small SEO Tools

For example:

I have pain, and I need a doctor, so I searched for a doctor, and I found a doctor’s website. If I like the website after viewing all others, now I want to save it and follow it. From the doctor’s website, I will try to view the different channels where it exists. For example, they are on

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

Among all the channels they are using or which I am using, I will follow them there on which channel I want to follow. Now when they upload their content, I will start seeing it on my Facebook.

By doing what, will we be successful?

Now both things fall in digital marketing. But the difference between them is really important. The mistake people make is they think by doing only Seo, they will be successful. Or by doing social media, we will be successful. Also, if they think by doing all other work in digital marketing but not these two. It’s wrong thinking. You have to do all the things, but according to the search marketing perspective, we have to look where the audience is? So,

“Follow the audience is the golden rule.”


Does it mean how many people can have pain? That is a big audience because anyone can have pain, and anyone can search for a doctor. Now they like which doctor? A Fan Following of this doctor will be formed. The audience will start following him on social media.


Normally search is a great medium because they target a large audience. It’s a broader category. For example: if someone is hungry, he will search a restaurant, and if in the restaurant you have a restaurant, then you will start to rank in the search for a restaurant.

Your social media will be active when someone starts to follow you to be impressed with you. So we have to try, we will never leave a large audience.

Those who know us with our name will directly follow us on our website; however, those who don’t know us by name and have a need, have intent(wants to search a particular need) we want, we meet them.

If someone is searching for me and he is my target customer, then through Seo, we will have to reach them to meet us, after that we can activate other marketing. For example: when he comes on my website, I can get him to subscribe to the email, follow us on Facebook, follow on Instagram, or see our videos on YouTube. But it’s possible when a user will find me.

Search provides us a chance; when someone searches, we understand his intent that what he is searching for. If they are our target audience, we have to rank us for them through Seo, and we have to be available for them.

These all things work parallel, but the search is a big category; we have to focus on it. The audience will come from the search; therefore, we will activate the other channels. If we focus on intent, all those will also find us. Due to need, when they develop relationships with us, they will follow us. With the following, we will send them champions; we will do email marketing. We will engage them in different ways.

Digital marketing

It is the promotion and advertisement via internet channels by corporations and their products. Currently, interactive media encompasses web pages, social networking, radio, TV, smartphone, and even non-digital advertising outlets such as signage and traffic signs.

Digital Marketing

In general, digital marketing is called any communication media that is supplied electronically.

This makes new types of P2P advertisements, print ads, and targeted marketing beyond the digital marketing system. In comparison, print advertising, direct mail, publishing databases, panels, and posters all continue to attach. Stuff such as URL landing pages, QR codes, site banner ads, internet directories, and text codes are almost all digital marketing related, conventional marketing, and advertisement.